Business Law

Purchase & Sale of Business (shares or assets)

Franchising, Joint Ventures, Trusts
Incorporation, Amalgamation, Winding up
Partnership & Shareholder Agreements
Confidentiality & Non-Compete Agreements
Commercial Contracts, Employment Agreements

Lending & Borrowing Money

Debt collection 

Ongoing legal support, etc.

Wills & Estates

Wills (single, couples, duel, etc)


Powers of attorney (property & personal care)

Powers of attorney (general)

Family Trusts, Spousal Trusts

Probate Applications 

Appointment of Estate Trustee Without a Will

Appointment of Estate Trustees With a Lost Will

Passing of Accounts, etc.

Real Estate

Purchase & Sale (residential or commercial)
Agreements of Purchase & Sale (drafting or amending)

Listing Agreements


Title Insurance 
Partition & Survivorship Applications

Commercial Lease

Assignments & Subleases

Landlord & Tenant Agreements, etc.

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