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Our Fees

Maxym Artemenko B.A. (Hons), J.D. charges a fixed fee for most of his services. A fixed fee is charged for all standard transactions and applications. (A partial price list is provided below.) In other cases, Maxym will provide you with a price range and/or discuss his fees with you beforehand. In addition, long-term clients and clients who require a bundle of services are provided with discounts. Maxym's standard rate is $200/per hour.  


Before we perform any work, we will ask you to pay a retainer and to sign an agreement with us outlining the terms of solicitor-client relationship. A retainer is a lump sum of money paid to a lawyer upfront to secure the services of the lawyer and to cover legal fees and other future expenses related to the legal matter. The retainer is kept in the lawyer’s trust account, and only paid to the lawyer after the client has been billed for the services.

The first consultation is free of charge.

* The prices listed on this page are not inclusive of disbursements (where applicable) and taxes. For a detailed fee estimate, feel free to contact our office.

Business Law 

Incorporation + Minute Book $450

Employment Contracts from $400

​Commercial Contracts from $500

Minute Book Rectifications from $400

Commercial Litigation (hourly rate)

Debt Collection (hourly rate or contingency fee)  

Real Estate

Purchase of a Resale Property $950
Sale $750
Independent Legal Advice for Refinancing $350

Legal Representation for Refinancing $500 
Transfer of title from $450

Wills & Estates

Will & Powers of Attorneys (for one person) $400

Wills & Powers of Attorneys (for a couple) $700

Probate application from from $1000

Estate Administration from $2000

Estate Litigation (hourly rate) 

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