Our Business Sectors

Business Law


Our firm can assist you with

your business needs,

including purchase and sale of business, organizing or

re-structuring your business,

contract preparation, collecting debts,

setting and liquidating  trusts,

ongoing legal support,

commercial litigation. 

Real Estate


Our firm can assist you with purchase or sale of  residential or commercial real property, drafting or amending agreements of purchase & sale, refinancing, partition applications, survivorship applications, leases,

landlord-tenant agreements, etc. 

Wills & Estate


Our firm can prepare your will and/or powers of attorney for property and personal care. We can also assist you with an administration of an estate, including applications for the appointment of trustees without a will, probate applications, passing of accounts, estate litigation. 

Maxym Artemenko, B.A. (Hons), J.D.

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